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Craig A. Clark

Bill Zielinski

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Pat Cicero

Shannon Wyels
Craig A. Clark playing keyboards in the snow

"With all the freshness of winter......"

While memories are demonstrably subjective and fleeting, much of the following is likely true. Craig was born and raised in NW Indiana, before moving in high school to Hell, Alabama. A drummer since the tender age of 10, his unencumbered social schedule in Hell led to more practice and a gradual improvement in skill. His escape from Hell eventually led to Valparaiso IN, with educational stints in Kansas (home of Bob Dole and Dorothy) and Iowa (think corn). Craig started playing piano back in the 1990s, with a pop/rock style best described as stabbing arpeggios.

Craig started playing in our antecedent group in the mid 1990s, originally dubbed Southern Impact (note the irony, Alanis). This group evolved into The Professions, later The Randy Devils Band, and finally Trouble Blind with Craig playing piano and sharing vocals. Musical influences include The Beatles, post-war combo jazz, classic rock and pop, progressive rock, Motown, disco, Christmas music, and even some newer indie rock. Did I say Beatles?

LaPorte, Indiana
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